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All men and women over thirty years of age are eligible to join. Prospective members are welcome to join us in a jog or walk around the track and, if they wish, take part in events once or twice before deciding to join. If you have never competed before, you will find our friendly, informal style of competition a very easy way to get started.

Joining Tasmanian Masters Athletics

New memberships and existing membership renewals can be submitted to the Treasurer on the TMA membership form using credit card (Visa or MasterCard only), direct deposit, cheque, money order or cash. If paying in cash; please pay in person to the Treasurer or his delegate only (not in the mail). The TMA membership year commences on the 1st April every year.

Current subscription rates are $50.00 single and $75.00 couple per year

New members who join from 1 October 2017 are eligible for a discounted membership fee to 31 March 2018. Single membership is $35.00 and for a couple, $60.00

Please let us know if you change your contact details. 


Joining Athletics Tasmania

TMA members wishing to compete in open competition with Athletics Tasmania through the Northern Athletic Branch, North West Athletic Club or Athletics South also have to pay additional fees. These fees can be paid online on the Athletics Tasmania website.

To register, visit the Athletics Tasmania website, and select ‘Online Registration’ from the menu on the left hand side.

If you do not have access to the internet, please contact a TMA committee member for assistance. The Athletics Tasmania membership year commences on the 1st April every year.