Dolphin Sands 2015

  • DolphinSands035

    Ella Harman & Lynne Lyden almost at the end of a very busy and exhausting day

  • DolphinSands034

    Phil Hniat on his 'warm down' walks with injured Pete Lyden

  • DolphinSands033

    Sharon & Alvin Johns on the road

  • DolphinSands031

    Dad, Bevan, making sure Vin was OK

  • DolphinSands032

    Al Coleman on the road

  • DolphinSands030

    Vincent Harman is heading for the finish line

  • DolphinSands029

    Phil Hniat looks like he is finishing well

  • DolphinSands028

    Alvin & Sharon Johns nearing the finish line

  • DolphinSands027

    Mike Walker went looking for wife Joy and supported her to the finish line

  • DolphinSands026

    Ella Harman & Lynne Lyden nearing the end of their run leg

  • DolphinSands025

    Bevan Harman nearing the end of the run leg

  • DolphinSands024

    Mike Walker putting 'in' on the run leg

  • DolphinSands022

    Al Coleman on his part of the run

  • DolphinSands021

    Lynne Lyden & Ella Harman are joined by Mark Lyden.  Mark was wondering how they were getting on!

  • DolphinSands020

    Mick Stevenson on his way back to the finish of the race at 'Hazard View'

  • DolphinSands019

    Ella Harman and Lynne Lyden having a great day

  • DolphinSands018

    Bevan & Vincent Harman enjoying the ride

  • DolphinSands017

    Alvin Johns on his way back to 'Hazard View'

  • DolphinSands016

    Mark Lyden powering on

  • DolphinSands015

    Phil Hniat making sure he has all his equipment in order before he takes off on the bike leg

  • DolphinSands014

    Lynne Lyden ready for the bike leg

  • DolphinSands003

    Lynne Lyden, Ella & Vincent Harman checking out the rescue boat - Sarah Stevenson in the boat & Bess Harman just about to climb aboard

  • DolphinSands013

    Harman family leaving the river with Alvin Johns and the rescue boat not far behind

  • DolphinSands012

    Lynne Lyden, Ella, Bevan and Vincent Harman , Alvin Johns finishing the swim leg

  • DolphinSands011

    Deb Lance marking the exit from the river

  • DolphinSands010

    Rescue boat counting heads

  • DolphinSands009

    Everyone is making for the buoy but Mick Stevenson appears to be going in the wrong direction!

  • DolphinSands008

    The first swimmers are on their way, Phil Hniat is almost ready to join them and Mike Walker & Mick Stevenson are still thinking about it!

  • DolphinSands007

    Rescue boat - Ella & Bess Harman, Steve Lance

  • DolphinSands006

    And off they go - Vincent & Ella Harman, Alvin Johns, Lynne Lyden, Bevan Harman, Phil Hniat & Mike Walker

  • DolphinSands005

    L to R: Mick Stevenson, Vincent, Bevan Ella & Bess Harman, Phil Hniat, Mike Walker, Lynne & Mark Lyden, Alvin Johns

  • DolphinSands004

    Discussing tactics on the beach - Alvin Johns, Ella, Bevan & Vincent Harman Phil Hniat, Mike Walker, Mark & Lynne Lyden

  • DolphinSands002

    Lynne Lyden ready to go in the swim leg

  • DolphinSands041

    Deb & Steve Lance, Vincent & Ella Harman on the couch, Mark & Lynne Lyden at the table & Mick Stevenson reading the paper

  • DolphinSands040

    Bevan Harman enjoying the scenery

  • DolphinSands039

    Pete Lyden and Steve Lance contemplating what is for dinner

  • DolphinSands038

    Steve and Debs' house with more traffic in the foreground

  • DolphinSands037

    Steve and Debs house with more traffic in the foreground

  • DolphinSands036

    Some of the cars and boats at Steve & Debs house

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